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Creating Values Through Strategic Management

LeadNear corporate values inform everything we do, from our ongoing relationships with customers and partners to our daily interactions with team members across the organization. To nurture these values, we have made it our responsibility to ensure each team member..

●Understands our vision and mission.
●Implements our strategy.
●Behaves in a manner that is consistent with corporate objectives.
●Focuses on team performance.
●Maximizes his or her contributions.
●Minimizes waste and distractions.

●Regularly asks, "How am I doing on what is important?"

As a customer-focused company, LeadNear‘s steadfast mission is to create customers for life. Our corporate culture is based on six core values

●Innovation ‒ that makes a difference
●Caring ‒ maintain respectful relations with customers, partners, suppliers, LeadNear employees and communities
●Loyalty ‒ work collaboratively with LeadNear employees, partners, suppliers and customers to solve problems and achieve goals
●Integrity ‒ exhibit honesty and integrity at all times
●Commitment ‒ dedicated to the success of our customers, partners, LeadNear employees and shareholders

●Knowledgeable ‒ be experts in our fields

Ensuring Values That Support Our Strategy

Adoption of these core values is essential to executing our strategy and ensuring a work environment that supports the company's objectives and inspires employees to new levels of productivity, helping them achieve their professional goals. Our customers will want to do business with no one else, our shareholders will be confident in our ability to execute on our strategies and LeadNear will be a fun, rewarding place to work.

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2020/8/13 11:25:34 views (631)


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